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. >> there was an interesting online study done by cnn when they had a little over 1800 women acknowledge that over the last five years 8 percent of them had actually involved in some kind of purging behavior and 7% have engaged in some kind of compulsive exercise dynamic in their lives. for me, i can tell you that any given time, half to 60 percent of the population are adult women. we tend to have most people assume that it will always be teenager's that will be in treatment when in fact we have women in their '30's '40's and '50's who are just now seeking treatment. >> these are people who may have had eating disorders before or were on the cusp and were taken over, something like menopause that changes or body enough >> absolutely. as we grow older there is more of an expectation as a woman to still have an idealized body type and we all know that menopause kicks in and your metabolism slows and or body changes but somehow in our culture we are expected to fight back and oftentimes to the extreme >> what kinds of advice would you give to someone who feels they are on the cusp. maybe someone in their fam
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1